March 21, 2017
If one is to examine Yank Barry’s life, it would be necessary to separate his life into three very distinct chapters. His first chapter was his nearly three decades as a singer, songwriter, producer in the traditional music industry, as well as time writing jingles, including some for a few iconic brands. As part of that chapter, he served a lead singer for the Footprints, as well as for The Kingsmen, whose most famous hit was "Louie Louie," one of the best-known rock-and-roll songs of all time.

In his second life, Yank Barry had amazing success as an entrepreneur and executive with Vitapro, which manufactured a dehydrated soy-based meat-replacement product. It was his travel for Vitapro that led him to his third chapter. There, he saw people all over the world who were living in appalling conditions, so his third chapter has featured hands-on philanthropy. Yank Barry works closely with local agencies and NGO's throughout the world to help people in politically unstable areas, including some areas where others won’t go. Unlike many, Yank doesn’t just send money, he works on the front lines.